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What is intensive emdr?

Does the idea of going to therapy every week for a year or more make you cringe? Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional weekly therapy model? If so, intensive

Be nice to all your parts

We all have parts. Different parts of our emotional selves, that is. We often feel more than one way at a time about something. Sometimes this creates internal conflict and we want

what personal growth & creativity have in common

Do you ever find yourself impatient about not feeling like you’re where you’re supposed to be in your personal growth journey yet? One of the most common worries I hear from my

how to feel calm in 30 seconds

My guess is you could use a quick and easy way to decompress and get your nervous system back into calm, cool and collected mode this week! Here’s a 30-second way you

Why you don’t need more coping skills

If you’re anything like my clients, you might be having a hard time coping right now. Many people come to me saying they need more “coping skills” – whatever that is! Or

Can EMDR therapy help me?

Are you wondering how you can feel so successful in some parts of your life and so stuck in others? Have you tried traditional talk therapy and feel like you’re not quite