Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Weekly EMDR Therapy rates:

60-minute Initial Intake and Assessment is $180

60-minute EMDR Therapy session is $150

Please note Weekly EMDR is not available at this time.

Please contact me for rates and availability for Intensive/Adjunct EMDR sessions.

Payment is due at time of service. I accept debit or credit cards, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards, or Health Savings Account (HSA) cards. Payment will be processed through my HIPAA-secure practice management system.

I do not offer sliding scale rates.

What insurances do you accept?

I want to make treatment decisions based on what my clients need and what I feel is clinically indicated without constraint from outside entities. For this reason, I do not participate in insurance panels. I am considered an out of network provider for most insurance plans. If you have out of network benefits, your insurance company may reimburse you for a portion of the cost of therapy. If this is the case, I will provide a monthly statement to you which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Check with your plan directly to verify your coverage.

Where are you located?

All sessions are provided via telehealth through my HIPAA-secure practice management system. Sessions are available to residents of Massachusetts and Virginia.

Do you offer evening or weekend appointments?

I typically offer appointments during daytime hours, Monday – Friday. A limited number of evening and/or weekend sessions are available.

Do you offer complimentary consultations?

Yes! Click here to schedule a complimentary consult with me where we will talk about what you are looking for, ask questions and decide on next steps.

How do I make an appointment with you?

Click here to schedule a complimentary consult with me where we will talk about what you are looking for, ask questions and decide on next steps.

What is EMDR?

EMDR is an evidence-based treatment for emotional trauma and other conditions. When we experience situations that are overwhelming, our brain sometimes has difficulty processing that experience all the way through to a natural conclusion. The experience sits in an incompletely-stored bundle on our neural pathways, along with all the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, sensations and images that were part of that experience. Parts of us get stuck in “trauma time.” EMDR helps the brain access that bundle that has gotten stuck and reprocess it, so that you can complete the experience now in the ways that you needed to then, but couldn’t.  Research shows that our brain has the ability to change and create new neural pathways. EMDR harnesses the brain’s natural ability to change and form new neural connections, which allows you to develop more life-giving beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

Can EMDR help me?

In my experience, EMDR has helped many people to increase feelings of calm, safety and confidence. It can also be effective in resolving emotional blocks and places where you might feel stuck. I use EMDR to help women who might have a history of difficult childhood experiences that are unresolved and therefore getting in the way of them being able to achieve their potential and fulfill their purpose.

Can you do EMDR through telehealth?

Yes! EMDR can effectively be delivered through telehealth. The majority of my practice involves conducting EMDR therapy in this way. I have found this to be effective, and my clients tell me that they agree!

How long will we need to work together?

The short answer is – it depends. My goal is to help you reach your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. That being said, I can’t tell you when you will feel better. Decisions about your treatment will be made jointly, depending on your needs.

Adjunct EMDR therapy and Intensive EMDR therapy usually involve fewer sessions that are longer in length. Weekly EMDR therapy could be several months or longer depending on the complexity of your needs.

Do you only work with women?

While my primary expertise is working with women, I welcome people of any gender who want to clear out old emotional blocks and show up more authentically in their lives.

Do you work with children, couples and/or families?

I specialize in helping adults focus on their individual needs. I do not see families, couples, adolescents or children. I am happy to recommend therapists who I know and trust who specialize in these areas, if that would be helpful.