The EncourageHer

EMDR Consultation Program

We are moving therapy forward.

We are modern EMDR therapists who are ready to ditch the burnout and put ourselves first.

Come join us!


  • Are you tired of the daily grind of back to back hour-long sessions, counting the number of clients you saw for the week?

  • Are you struggling to fit your life into your practice, instead of your practice fitting into your life? (Wasn’t that why you went into private practice in the first place? It was supposed to give you more freedom and flexibility!)

  • Are you feeling burned out by working with the same clients for long periods of time, or unsatisfied with the slow pace of weekly therapy? (I mean, let’s face it, if you’re an EMDR therapist, probably most of your clients have complex/relational trauma – we all know it’s never just a car accident!)

  • Are you curious about the intensive EMDR model, but aren’t sure how you would intentionally market yourself as an expert or feel doubtful that clients will want this service? Maybe you’ve heard colleagues say “people can’t afford it” or “it’s not fair during a pandemic to charge that much.”

  • Are you ready to tap into your inner disruptivator, challenge convention and stop doing things the same way just because that’s how we’ve always done them?

The EncourageHer EMDR Consultation Program is a community

by women, for women who have

big dreams and big goals

who, with support from their soul sisters,

are ready to take action.

We believe we are better together

and that a rising tide lifts all boats.

       Who am I to talk?

Dear EMDR colleagues – it is time for spaciousness and ease in our work.

You aren’t afraid of doing hard things. Because you handle the hard stuff every day. But what if it doesn’t have to feel that way?

I know what it’s like to feel burned out and trapped in the daily grind of weekly therapy, wishing you could have more flexibility in your time, wanting more financial freedom but knowing there is a limit to how much you can work.

I wanted my practice to work for me as much as I was working for it.

So I invested in advanced training in EMDR Intensives, sought out consultation from experts in this area, and have now conducted over 50 EMDR Intensive sessions.

EMDR Intensives is now my primary practice model, which gives me the flexibility and freedom I was looking for. And gives clients a CHOICE about when they want to feel better – sooner rather than later.

It’s a win-win.

I want that for you too.

Who’s with me?

Your Consultation Program Includes:

  • Group and individual support for 3 months (February to April 2022)

  • In-depth training on how to incorporate EMDR Intensives into your practice model, including scheduling, pricing and marketing, in a way that feels abundant and joyful to you

  • Clinical consultation on how to implement EMDR Intensives in your practice, including client selection, assessment for appropriateness, treatment planning and curriculum, all from an attachment-informed perspective

  • How to conceptualize Intensive EMDR utilizing the 8 phases of the standard EMDR protocol

  • Earn EMDRIA credit for hours toward certification

  • Monthly consultation group meeting for 2 hours, along with monthly 1 hour Learning Lab (9 hours total)

  • Access to Christie through email and/or zoom for individual support in between meetings for clinical or business questions

  • An individualized development plan in order to support learning and implementation. We will work together to give you what you need to make concrete steps toward success.

  • Priority access to subsequent Consultation Program semesters so that you can get as much support as you need for as long as you need it. 

  • Connection with a community of like-minded EMDR therapists who really get it and who will be celebrating your successes with you! Come meet your new biz besties!

Total price for the Spring 2022 Program:

One payment of $2495 (10% discount) or monthly payment of $924 for 3 months

Enrollment closes January 30, 2022.

We value authenticity, courage, empowerment and excellence.

We believe in pursuing excellence in our work

without sacrificing our own wellbeing.

We empower each other to say what we want, and get it.

As an EMDR therapist, you are among the most highly skilled, most sought after clinicians around.

Continuing in the weekly model of therapy is costing you time, money and energy that you can’t get back.

You always have options.

Come join a community of your EMDR colleagues who are cheering you on.

It’s time to have what you want.

Not sure if this program is right for you?

No problem!

Contact me and we’ll figure it out together.